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Our company

Many years of experience in the transportation of general and consolidated cargoes from Turkey and Russia to Kyrgyzstan. Having own fleet of tilted vehicles, as well as reliable attracted carriers, allows us to realize the full range of freight services from Turkey.

Spectrum of services:

Your cargo, accompanied by our employees, ranging from the fence, loading, clearance and delivery, will arrive as soon as possible.

We provide solutions:

For the best and shortest transportation route

For selection of the type of transportation

For the correct execution of transport documentation

For providing customs services in Kyrgyzstan:

Customs clearance


Types of transport:

By the nature and characteristics of the cargo, we will provide solutions for delivery methods, with the most optimal routes and types of transportation costs

Motor transportation

Our main focus in the provision of services is the transportation of general and consolidated official cargo from any city of Turkey to Kyrgyzstan. Sending consolidated cargo to Istanbul from the warehouse every week.


  1. Turkey-Georgia-Russia-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan.
  2. Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan-ferry-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan.
  3. Turkey-Iran-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan- (Kazakhstan) -Kyrgyzstan.

We also carry road transportation from Kyrgyzstan to Russia, the countries of the EEU, and Turkey.

The most popular routes:

  1. Bishkek-Moscow and Moscow-Bishkek.
  2. Kyrgyzstan-Turkey
  3. Kyrgyzstan-Georgia
  4. Kyrgyzstan-Azerbaijan
  5. Kyrgyzstan -Turkey

Air transportation

Delivery of urgent goods from Turkey to Kyrgyzstan.

Route: Istanbul-Bishkek

Rail transportation

One of the most profitable cargo traffic at cost price.

Route: Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan-ferry-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan.

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