For many years, “UBS Transit” has flawlessly performed such a complex logistics service as the organization of international transport. We will ensure high reliability and maximum efficiency in the delivery of your goods to/from any country.

Did you need help in organizing professional international transportation of goods?

We will undertake the transportation of any complexity, certainly complying with all existing international standards in the field of cargo transportation.

International carriage of goods includes many coordination issues, ignoring which, of course, will adversely affect the final result. In this direction, the company “UBS Transit” constantly improves the quality of transport services, ensuring transport security.

After independence, the export and import of Kyrgyzstan by CIS countries and far-abroad countries is growing throughout the day. Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and China remain the main trading partners. The main directions of cargo transportation are the above countries. In addition, we offer you convenient routes of such countries as Tajikistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine and Belarus.

To fulfill your orders, we use vehicles with tented cargo compartments, the volume of which varies from 92 to 120 cubic meters, and we also organize the provision of various vehicles from the dependence and nature of the cargo. If your load is bulky, then you have made the right choice. With our tented vehicles you get even greater freedom of turnover in the transport of conventional goods. Because you can load this kind of truck both at the back and side, which is very convenient.

We offer convenient solutions and flexible pricing policy.

Large transports (Trucks) of general and groupage cargoes up to 22 tons.

Box trucks (minibus) of general and groupage cargoes up to 2.5 tons.