By the decision of the State Customs Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic No.: 1 dated 10/16/2017. (Registration number: 0001 / TP-161017, Certificate No.: 0001 / TP “On Inclusion in the Register of Customs Carriers” dated October 16, 2017) “UBS Transit” CJSC is included in the Register of Customs Carriers.

Vehicles owned by “UBS Transit” CJSC are suitable for the carriage of goods under customs seals and stamps that meet specific requirements for the arrangement and equipment of vehicles in accordance with the criteria defined by article 56 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Customs Regulation in the Kyrgyz Republic”:

  1. customs seals and stamps can be applied in a simple and reliable way;
  2. the goods cannot be removed or enclosed in the sealed part of the cargo space of the vehicle without leaving visible traces of its opening or damage to the customs seal (stamp);
  3. there are no hiding places in the vehicle and its cargo spaces to hide goods;
  4. all places where goods are located are easily accessible for customs inspection.

The total number of vehicles of “UBS Transit” CJSC is more than 20 units.

LAW of the Kyrgyz Republic of December 31, 2014 N 184 “On Customs Regulation in the Kyrgyz Republic”

Article 59. Activity as a customs carrier

  1. The customs carrier may be a domestic legal entity that operates as a customs carrier and is included in the register of customs carriers for this type of activity in accordance with this Law.
  2. Activity as a customs carrier is the transportation of goods under customs control, without ensuring the payment of customs duties and the application of other security measures established by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article 60. Duties of a Customs Carrier

Customs carrier must:

  1. comply with the conditions and requirements established by this Law;
  2. keep records of transported goods under customs control, and submit to customs authorities a report on the transportation of such goods;
  3. pay customs duties and taxes in the case provided for in Article 58 of this Law.

Article 61. The attitude of the customs carrier to the information received from the senders or recipients of goods

Information received from consignors or recipients of goods that constitutes commercial, banking or other secrets protected by law, as well as other confidential information should not be disclosed, used by the customs carrier for its own purposes, and transferred to other persons, except as required by normative legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic.