Customs warehouse is a customs regime in which goods imported into the customs territory of the Kyrgyz Republic are stored in special premises or in special territories with the status of a customs warehouse under customs control without paying customs duties and taxes and without applying goods to the goods of non-tariff regulatory measures in accordance with the law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On state regulation of foreign trade activities for the period of storage”, and goods intended for export are stored under customs control on the conditions stipulated by the Customs Code. The customs warehouse is a customs control zone, but to get to it quickly, you must initially declare the customs warehouse regime when declaring goods. The goods stored under the economic customs regime of the same name are stored in the customs warehouse. For storage in a customs warehouse, goods must be checked out in accordance with this regime. Goods placed under the customs regime of a customs warehouse may be stored in a customs warehouse: up to 3 years, without paying customs duties and taxes and without applying bans and restrictions of an economic nature and under customs control. Despite the fact that goods are under customs control at a customs warehouse, consignments placed at a customs warehouse may be split, sorted, packaged and repackaged, labeled, dispatches and other operations can be formed by customs authority. In addition, in respect of goods in a customs warehouse, alienation, transfer in respect of their rights to possession, use or disposal is allowed, subject to prior notification of the customs authority in writing. In fact, a product checked out in accordance with this regime can be fully prepared for sale on the domestic market by permission of the customs authority: packaged, labeled, sorted. While the goods are in stock, the owner of the goods can look for a buyer who will later pay customs duties and taxes for the release of goods into the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. The costs incurred by the owner of the goods is the payment of the fee for customs clearance of the goods and payment of the rent of the premises.

          Our transport company provides a full range of services for the delivery of goods by road and organizes the transportation of complete, consolidated, oversized, general, small-sized, fragile, valuable and long-length goods. Our organization provides services in the field of customs storage and place of customs clearance. To do this, we organized: Temporary Storage Area and Customs Warehouse in Belovodsk, which are included in the register of the Customs Service under Government of KR. “UBS Transit” CJSC professionally provides all the services of a temporary storage area. The temporary storage area located on the territory of the customs terminal has premises with a total area of ​​831 square meters or 4303 cubic meters for indoor storage and 20,000 square meter of space for open storage. Our bonded warehouse is designed to accept motor transport cargoes that is equipped with a large parking lot with convenient access roads and has round-the-clock security. We will accept and place cargoes that are subject to customs clearance at special sites. We will prepare documents for customs clearance. We prepare the cargo for customs inspection, including load and unload, sort and calculate in mechanized and manually ways. Our licensed customs brokers will help you quickly arrange the goods directly at the terminal. We take the goods for safekeeping after customs clearance. We will help you load the goods after customs clearance and help with transportation to the final recipient. TSA by “UBS Transit” CJSC can solve all the problems associated with receiving, registering, closing the delivery procedure, processing all shipping documents, unloading, placing, storage handling and shipment of goods. We help to quickly pass customs and deliver the goods on time! You can find out the cost of a temporary storage area from the price list or by contacting the manager.