International transport

The company “UBS Transit” carries out regular rail, motor and air transportations throughout the world

Schemes of delivery of long-distance shipments:

  1. Sender-recipient (door-to door).
  2. Sender-terminal (from the sender’s door to our terminal at the destination).
  3. The receiving terminal (from our terminal to the door of recipient).
  4. Terminal-terminal (between our terminals)

Our services on the organization of long-road transportation:  

Selection of a suitable vehicle for the carriage of cargo; determination of reliable technology of fastening and layout of goods; development of the optimal route of transportation; prompt calculation of tariffs; registration of the necessary accompanying documentation for the cargo; provision of the “declared value of the cargo” service; tracking the location of the vehicle and cargo; control of execution of the client’s order. Advantages of international transport by our company.

High delivery speed:

“UBS Transit” specialists promptly process incoming applications for international shipments. The choice of wagon and automotive technology allows us to reduce the time of order execution. A wide warehouse network and an efficient distribution and sorting center make it possible to create the shortest routes and carry out international shipping throughout the world in the shortest amount of time. An individual approach. Shipping around the world is planned and carried out considering the wishes of the client on the terms, route and other delivery conditions. We provide discounts to regular customers, as well as to senders of large volumes of cargo.           


“UBS Transit” CJSC provides truck transportation services with cargo compartment volumes from 86 cubic meters to 105 cubic meters.

The fleet consists of 25 tilted cars. The advantage of transportation services by our company is:

  • reliability (drivers with at least 10 years’ experience)
  • minimum risk (per item)
  • speed (time from Moscow to Bishkek, Almaty from 5-7 days)
  • insurance (on the car and on the product Fully Comp, CAR)

The main directions of the route:

  • KR (Bishkek, Osh) –RF (Orenburg, Tolyatti, Samara, Saratov, Penza, Ryazan, Kazan Moscow, St. Petersburg) –KR (Bishkek, Kara – Balta, Sokuluk, Kant)
  • KR – RK (Shymkent, Kyzyl –Orda, Taraz, Merke, Almaty) – KR
  • KR-Turkey-KR
  • RF-Turkey-KR

Truck size

Trailer dimensions: 105ka
Length 13,6m
Width 2,5m
Height 3m
Capacity 22000kg
Trailer dimensions: 95kа
Length 13,6m
Width 2,5m
Height 2,85m
Capacity 22000kg
Trailer dimensions: 92kа
Length 13,6m
Width 2,5m
Height 2,7m
Capacity 22000kg

ЗАО «ЮБС Транзит» предоставляет услуги перевозки на грузовой машине «FORD Тransit».

В наличии автопарке  есть 11 машин и около 10 машин партнеров. Перевозка на грузовом фургоне позволяют транспортировку различных грузов средней тяжести до 2,5 тон. Преимущество  услуги на Форд транзите является высокой качественной перевозкой:

  • надежностью (водители со стажем не менее 10 лет)
  • минимум риска (на товар)
  • минимум затрата времени (срок с Москвы на Бишкек, Алматы от 3-5 дней)
  • страховки (на машину и на товар КАСКО, СМР)

Основное направление маршрута:

  • КР (Бишкек) –РФ (Оренбург, Тольятти, Самара, Саратов, Пенза, Рязань, МОСКВА; Краснодар, Ростов на дону; Иркутск, Красноярск, Новосибирск, Екатеринбург )–КР (Бишкек, Кара – Балта, Сокулук,Кант)
  • КР – РФ – РК (Шымкент, Кызыл –Орда, Тараз, Мерке, Алматы ) – КР

Параметры грузового отсека  машины

Длина 4217 мм
Ширина 1784 мм
Высота 2025 мм
Объем 15.1 м³
Грузоподъемность 2500 кг
Виды погрузок задняя, боковая
Высота двери задн. погрузки 1850 мм
Высота двери боков. погрузки 1620 мм
Длина  боков. погрузки 1310 мм
Ширина между крылом 1100 мм