Being a part of “UBS Transit”, we are always the first to achieve our goals, both in business and in life. Each of us devotes himself to work, feels personally responsible for positioning the company as the most successful in the logistics services market and does everything to ensure that “UBS Transit” is the first.

For us, being part of “UBS Transit” means being a leader, offering the most effective solutions and shaping the image of the best company.

All employees of “UBS Transit” are one big family united by common values and goals.

We are sure that everyone who comes to “UBS Transit” and will work here for at least one day will definitely become an integral part of this large family.

We highly value our employees and give each of them the opportunity to develop, improve and grow with the company not only in the local market, but also in the international market.

Professionals in their industry

Our team consists of professionals with a positive mindset, who are able to find a solution in any situation in order to provide excellent service for every client.

Certified employees

We are proud that our employees have certificates, recognition and international awards in the field of logistics