Other storage services

We have extensive experience working with general cargo, excisable goods and various non-standard cargo and Project Cargo. Properly planning warehousing services, we significantly reduce your transportation costs. In cooperation with partners and agents, we provide warehousing services in many countries.

Our quality standards help to provide excellent service for the storage and handling of breakable goods such as tiles, ceramics, glassware, and exclusive furniture.

Reliable and efficient storage services

We provide reliable and high-quality services in warehouses with round-the-clock security.

Quality control on our warehouses

In our warehouses, quality control of loading and unloading of cargo (cargo survey) is ensured.

The process of loading and unloading is photographed.

If a damaged product or package is detected, photographs are immediately sent to the client to decide on the further course of cargo handling and to draw up an act for filing claims or an insured event.