TSA warehouse — is the temporary storage warehouse, located on the territory of the customs terminal, has rooms with a total area of ​​831m2, or 4303m2 for covered storage, and 20000m2 of area for open storage. The temporary storage area is designed to accept motor transport cargoes, which is equipped with a large parking area with convenient access roads and has round-the-clock security in accordance with the technical requirements of the Customs Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Temporary storage – is a customs procedure in which goods and vehicles are stored under customs control without paying customs duties and taxes and without applying non-tariff regulatory measures to goods until they are released in accordance with a specific customs regime or placed under another customs procedure.

Temporary storage places

Temporary storage is carried out in premises, in open areas, in other places specially allocated and equipped for these purposes (temporary storage areas).

Temporary storage warehouses may be established by domestic persons in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Code.

Places of temporary storage of goods are the customs control zone and the place of presentation of goods and vehicles to the customs authority.


Products that can be placed in temporary storage areas 

Any goods can be placed in a temporary storage area. Goods that may cause harm to other goods or require special storage conditions should be stored in warehouses or in the premises of a temporary storage area specially adapted for the storage of such goods.

Temporary storage warehouses may also be used to store goods in other cases provided for by the Customs Code.

Terms of temporary storage

The period of temporary storage of goods is not more than two months.

The deadline for temporary storage of perishable goods is up to 10 days.

Temporary storage of goods and vehicles that are material evidence in criminal cases and cases of administrative offenses in the field of customs, is carried out before the entry into force of a court decision or decision to terminate the case, with the exception of perishable goods.